Rhonda Hudson, Transformational Alchemist

Rhonda is an integrative teacher. She discovered meditation and yoga in the early 90’s and has created a teaching style that pulls from both intuitive and ancient teachings. She has incorporated the latest neuroscience and quantum physics into her teaching to build a foundation of different tools and techniques that work in today’s society. What brings her most joy is to help others live a truly happier life with more awareness, more intention, more freedom and more productivity.

She works with people all over the world in one-on-one and group settings. She currently runs an awareness centre in Monte-Carlo called BodyFlow “A Centre in Alignment” and due to the current global situation she has turned her focus to offering a variety of online classes from Guided Meditations, Mindfulness Classes, Breath-work, Sound Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Meditation, Teenager Meditation and Movement and Transformational Coaching.

Rhonda started her curiosity for alternative medicine and healing at an early age in California. She has studied with many teachers in California and around the world. She has spent time with natives around the world learning different practices, rituals, and techniques. One of her most influential times was the time she spent in Mexico studying the traditional ways with plants and sound.

Over the years she was introduced to breath-work, yoga and meditation, and has incorporated these practices into her everyday life. One of her deepest explorations was her work with the “Course of Miracles” and with this she found a deep transformation take place within. Over the years she has then added Kundalini Yoga, NLP, Silva Technique, Energy Work, Sound Therapy, Breath-Work to her client offering, just to name a few, and has explored many techniques with some of her favorites like Eckhart Toole, Osho, Jose Silva, Mooji, Yogi Bhajan, BJ Palmer, Sigafoose, Jim Rohn, Byron Katie, Donna Eden, Joe Dispenza, and Sam Harris.


Rhonda works with all levels of people from beginners to advanced, to transform and inspire their ability for change, growth and transformation.