If you are interested in joining a class please whatsapp Rhonda for availability @ 06 40 62 55 35. As she is often with clients throughout the day she will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like private sessions for the above classes or you are interested in a bodywork session please whatsapp Rhonda with your request-type of session, dates & times, email address and she will return your text as soon as possible. No Classes The following dates in March March 4th- Morning & Afternoon Classes Cancelled/ 18:30 & 19:45 Classes are onMarch 12th- Afternoon & Evening Classes CancelledMarch 20th- In Training So All classes are CancelledMarch 27th,30th,31st- In Training So All classes are cancelled At the moment all classes are paid by cash and are 25€ per class except for Wednesday evening Guided Meditation @ 18:30 which is a donation class only.We are currently working on an online sign-up and we hope to have this completed by mid April 2020. Please feel free to contact Rhonda if you have any questions regarding the above classes and we look forward to seeing you at BodyFlow.