Sound Therapy (Naomi)


Class Description :

Immerse your mind body and soul in a deep and relaxing healing sound bath led by Naomi Buff and her powerful pluto gong.  Through the surrender the sound vibration will penetrate you on a cellular level and take on an inner healing journey.
A sound bath is a journey into your inner world through sound healing with the amazing magic of the Pluto Gong. A gong baht with Pluto can powerfully assist in the removal of toxicity, help to clear deep emotional trauma and support us through major life transitions.
A sound bath with Pluto can also restore balance to polarities, heal obsessive behaviours and bring the darkest parts of us into balance with the brightest and warmest aspects of our true nature. A sound bath is a healing journey as well as offering time and space to go deep within and explore your inner world and deeply surrender and relax.
Every gong bath is different and can depend on where the planets are sitting in the universe and at what phase the moon is in.  Describing a gong bath actually quite hard to put into words, it is a unique experience to each person and provides a profound healing journey.
When invited to a gong bath you will lay on the floor on a mat and get comfortable with the aid of blankets, pillows and an eye mask.  The only thing you need to do for an hour is surrender, relax and allow your body and mind to let go, the sound vibration does the rest.  After a gong bath you may feel lighter, energised, liberated, enlightened, inspired…… the vibration can keep you in this space for a week or 2!

What you will need:

  • A yoga matt (or a blanket/couch/bed/something comfortable to sit or lie on)
  • Candles
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