Yoga Nidra (Terri-Lynn)


Class Description:

Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep – a 30 minute practice has been said to replenish us as if we have slept deeply for 4 hours.

Sitting up at the beginning , there are several minutes of breathwork, and then  a lie down for the remainder of the session.

I will guide you through some relaxation techniques where your body may feel as though it is no longer there, or it is floating. Depending upon the session, you may be asked to find an intention – a SanKalpa. Or we may visualise images that evoke powerful ways of becoming a stronger or softer human being. We evolve in these sessions together, as afterwards there is a time to come slowly back together and feel the energy and positivity accumulated during the session.

I am excited to share this with you !

What you will need:

  • Yoga mat (or a towel/something comfortable to sit on)
  • Quiet space without disturbance
  • Small pillow for the head
  • Pillow for under the knees
  • Blanket
  • Eye pillow
  • Yoga mat (or couch or bed)
  • Candle
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