Yoga for beginners to advanced

Everyone can join a Kundalini yoga class. From beginners to advanced, this type of yoga will powerfully impact each individual. Kundalini yoga is called the “Yoga of Awareness”. The science and technology behind this yoga combines the full spectrum of yogic tools using breath, posture and sound to align the body and mind. This yoga builds your vitality with quantum speed creating an immediate self-exalted experience, allowing you to meet the demands and pressures of this lifestyle we lead today.


Kundalini is defined as the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine, it is our vital life force. Each and every one of us is born with this incredible energy gift and now with technology and information as freely available, it’s time to activate this innate intelligence within and live this magical life we came here to experience.


Kundalini Yoga

We all store a lot of stuck energy and emotion in our bodies and we need to release it… In this yoga class full of movement, sound and breath you will experience how to live more from the heart, connecting the heart and mind through coherence. As the kundalini energy rises into the heart that’s when the magic happens, strengthening the electromagnetic field that runs within and outside of the body, allowing us to ignite our true essence. If you are looking to create space for something unique and life changing, join a kundalini class. (75 mins)

Early Rise Gentle Hatha Yoga

This gentle morning Hatha Yoga class will help you to connect with your breath and your body, setting you up for your day. Exploring a new theme each week, we will move through breathing exercises, a gentle warm up and several asanas/movements that will help to open, energize and strengthen your body. The overall emphasis of the class will be to align, strengthen and promote flexibility of the body and relaxation of the mind. (45 mins)

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focusses on the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia) and bones which are harder, stiffer and dryer compared to muscles which are more fluid filled, elastic and soft. In order to access the connective tissue, the muscles need to be cold. The postures are held passively and longer without a specific alignment to create healthy stress on the tissues and bones to further strengthen them. Yin Yoga allows to enter a subtler realm of the yoga practice and access the energetic body to prepare for contemplation and meditation. (45 mins)

Pranayama-Just Breathe

Just Breathe is a class where you will learn ancient breathing techniques to help balance the autonomic nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you develop healthier breathing patterns, maximizing lung capacity and respiratory health. You can improve your sleep, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress hormones therefore reduce inflammation within the body, increase oxygen levels, and reduce stress and anxiety in the body and mind. This class is very relaxing and it allows you to become familiar with your own breath. From beginners and advanced, all are welcome. (30 mins)

Apanaveda Yoga

The Apanaveda School of Yoga, falls under the Hatha Yoga umbrella. It is a delicious blend of Pranayama (breathing techniques) to balance the autonomic nervous system, effortlessly taking you from fight or flight (stress response) over to rest and digest (relax response) which in turn has a calming effect on the mind. During the pranayama practice the lung capacity increases, as does the strength of the lungs themselves and the respiratory muscles, by the end of the pranayama practice the physical body is then in a good place to start moving mindfully. The majority of postures are breath led and participants are highly encouraged to listen to their own bodies, with the eyes closed and the awareness turned inward, with no expectation or judgement, just kindness and compassion to themselves. The class ends with a beautiful guided meditation, permission to completely let go of the outside world. (45 mins)